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Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline: May 22, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

We invite contributions that explore innovative solutions in digital health, driving positive change on a global scale.

Presentation Types

The CHIPS Conference 2024 will consider submission of Abstracts. All submissions must conform to the format and presentation requirements described herein. Specific file formatting requirements as well as an example template are given below in the submission format section. Please also pay particular attention to instructions at the end on the File Format Requirements and Reference Format. The submitted research from this conference will be published as the Proceedings of the Consortium for Health Innovation partnerships indexed in Google scholar, DOI and ISSN placement for CV use.

Important: Deviation from the prescribed format, especially the number of pages and modifications of template margins or font sizes, may result in rejection of the submission without review.

Read the general requirements for Abstracts, including limitations on page numbers; please note that page sizes are required to be U.S. Letter (8.5 x 11 inch):


Students are invited to submit abstracts that describe complete or nearly complete research or development efforts in healthcare innovations and data analytics which were primarily carried out by the student.

  1. Abstract Topic: Please choose carefully the most relevant abstract topic from the drop-down menu.
  2. Title: Your abstract title should be short and informative, and must not exceed 200 characters.
  3. Abstract Body:
    Your abstract body can have a maximum of 5000 characters (with formatting and spaces). The first sentences should provide the background of the work. This should be followed by the experimental details, with a conclusion of one or two sentences. The abstract body should be presented as one single paragraph – do not use paragraph returns or subheadings. Reference citations should be given where previously published results are presented. Up to three citations are permitted.
    Do not include any keywords or commercial advertising.


The CHIPS 2024 Conference submissions will be categorized as either:

  1. Mental and behavioral health;
  2. Research/QIS (graduate students);
  3. Undergraduate research;
  4. Technology (system demonstration)
  5. Data Analytics
  6. Global Health

Authors are in the best position to make a final decision about track at the time they wish to classify their contribution.

Mental and behavioral health

The Mental and behavioral health track focuses on the effectiveness of various therapeutic interventions, new understandings of mental health disorders, and advancements in neuroscience related to mental health. Contributions in this track should include work that represents research findings, treatment approaches, prevention strategies and innovations.

Research/QIS (graduate students)

The Research/QIS track aims to promote the submission of graduate students research conducted during their studies. Contributions in this track should include work that represents findings in the field of healthcare and data analytics.



Undergraduate research

The Undergraduate research track aims to promote the submission of undergraduate students and encourage them to represent their work. Contributions in this track should include researches made in the field of healthcare and data analytics.


Technology (system demonstration)

The Technology track focuses on the specific purposes of the systems, services, or projects made for the problems in health care practice and data analytics field. Contributions in this track should include system demonstrations for the field of health care and data analytics.

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics track focuses on a broad spectrum of data analytics methodologies, emphasizing both theoretical advancements and practical implementations.

Global Health

The Global Health Track focuses on a comprehensive exploration of strategies, innovations, and policies aimed at improving health outcomes worldwide.

Submission Instructions

When submitting, please choose only 1 member of Scientific Committee to review your abstract!

Submission Format

  • A PDF or a Word document. The file should be submitted to the Manuscript section (Details Tab), and also the text of the PDF/Word should be submitted to the Abstract section (Manuscript Information Tab).
  • A single column formatted document.
  • Word count: Up to 5000 words.
  • Formatted for U.S. Letter (8.5 x 11 inch) paper size with one-inch margins left, right, top, and bottom.
  • And, the text within the Submission is formatted as follows:
  • Title is 14-point bold, centered, title case (using initial capitals for each word in the title other than articles and prepositions);
  • Below the title, are the names, credentials, institutions and locations of the author(s) or panelists, exactly as they are to appear in the online and print programs and the Proceedings, using 12-point Times New Roman typeface, single column, bold, centered, upper and lower case using appropriate capitals;
  • The main text of the submission is single-spaced in 10-point Times New Roman typeface, justified, one-column format;
  • References should be added at the end of the abstract;
  • Tables and graphs can be submitted as an attached image document with your abstract. Allowed formats are: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff,; max. file size is 15 MB; max. size of one image is 1500px. Please remember to insert the reference (Table 1, Figure 1, etc.) in the abstract.
  • All caps, bold, italics, or underline are only used for emphasis.